Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm finally caught up!

This is my latest cake...a monkey themed birthday cake for adorable twin 2 year olds!
the birthday boy and girl as monkeys! ;)
monkeys hanging out
The birthday boy and girl
My nephew, Carsen, on his 1st birthday.
my mom helped out with this one!
1st birthday cake for my nephew, Carsen.
blue princess cake with customized trinket box and jewels

Pink Princess cake

this and that sweet treats

trying out the edible icing tattoos
"pupcakes" ;)
practicing a square cake
mmmm...Oreos Cookies and Cream filling

yummy cupcake
colorful cupcakes
Buttercream flower cake
The magical checkerboard cake! ;)

Christmas Cake

The Christmas Blizzard cake. :)

Halloween Cakes

A Halloween birthday cake for a sweet (former) student of mine.
before decorations. simple and pretty.
Halloween BOO cake

In the Beginning...

These are a few of the cakes from when I first started...
Practice Princess cake
birthday Bulldog football cake
Practice Bulldog cake
birthday cake for my Dad...I was attempting a 50s theme. :)

birthday cake for my the bow and colors!

practice cake with pretty flowers
birthday cake for my brother
My first "fancy" cake

Time to Update!

I have not been keeping up with the blog very well! I will be updating and adding all of my cake pictures over the next day or so. You can also visit to view photos, etc. I just recently made my first 3 tier cake for a boy/girl twins 2nd birthday with a monkey theme. It was very cute and I put MANY hours into it! My next cake is for my cousin's little boy and girl with a cowboy/cowgirl theme. I'm excited to see how it turns out! :)
Please be patient with me as I figure out how to set up and edit this blog! Thanks!

Monday, March 15, 2010

"Zanzibar" Baby Shower Cake

I was asked by a co-worker to make a Zanzibar-themed baby shower cake. I had NO CLUE what Zanzibar was...turns out it's just fancy talk for safari. hehe Anyway, she gave me a picture and I printed some from the internet. They were too blurry to enlarge and trace so I drew them by hand and cut them out. I should have used cardstock so they'll last longer! I laid them on top of the fondant and traced around them with a toothpick and then used a small cutting tool and a knife to cut it out. The smaller pieces were just formed (or cut) free-hand to fit on top of the larger pieces. I used the leaf-shaped fondant cutter to make the leaves and the small circle fondant cutter to make the coconuts. My initial plan was to place the animals on top of the cake and then have jungle scenery (bushes, vines, etc) around the sides, but the animals were too big. So, I decided to make the whole cake a little safari/jungle scene and include all of the animals. I should have covered the cake board with the darker green fondant to look like grass, but it was too late when I thought to do it.

I really enjoyed making this cake and am quite proud of myself for making those animals!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Hello! I'm Bre and this is a blog for The Sweet Boutique.
After looking at the website for Pink Cake Box, I thought it would be neat to try my hand at fondant! It was the Summer and I was bored! :) I was hooked after my first "fancy" cake and was ready for more! I started with pre-made fondant and didn't like the taste, so I continued searching the internet for more ideas. I found a recipe and watched a few you tube videos and that is how I have learned how to make fondant cakes. Before anyone asks, I have only watched about 20 minutes of one of the cake shows on TV. lol I only have 6-7 channels on my TV (and that's on a good day! hehe) and the cake shows do not air on those stations! lol I just enjoy making them and learning new things!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I enjoy sharing my cakes with everyone! :)